Who are the Friends of the Cathedral?

In August 2004, under the direction of the late Rev. Roger P. Dorcy, a committee was formed consisting of members of various parishes in the city of Pueblo. Known as “The Friends of the Cathedral” the committee is dedicated to raise funds for the preservation and restoration of the 92-year-old landmark. As a parish it serves basically a poor inner-city community with limited income and maximum service demands. The church edifice is in decline and is in need of major repairs.

The list of projects that the Friends of the Cathedral are working on are:

  • Restoration of the stained glass windows
  • Re-grouting the exterior brick
  • Repairing the roof
  • Upgrading the sound system
  • Other projects as needed

If you are interested in fundraising projects, please contact Louise Driscoll: louisedr2002@yahoo.com.

Stained Glass Windows

The stained glass windows in the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Pueblo, Colorado, were designed and produced by Emil Frei, whose work is recognized as an unsurpassed example of the Munich Style of Pictorial Stained Glass. The Bavarian-born Frei (1869-1942) studied at the Munich School of Fine Arts before immigrating to the United States in the 1890s. In 1898 he opened the Emil Frei Art Glass Company in St. Louis, Missouri. Quickly recognized for his talent and skill, Frei received commissions from not only churches but also prominent St. Louis families. Frei created his masterpieces from lead crystal glass painted, detailed and fired to create strong, vibrant, high translucency colors with subtle gradations of hues and textures. Frei’s windows for the Sacred Heart Cathedral were installed in 1913. Emil Frei’s descendants (from the 3rd, 4th and 5th generations) currently operate Emil Frei Associates, Inc., in St. Louis.

Proceeds from the sale of giclee prints of the stained glass windows are earmarked for the restoration and repair of the windows. The windows were scanned directly using a Betterlight digital back to produce prints with stunning detail. All prints are limited to an edition of 100 and come with a certificate of authenticity.

To view or purchase the giclee prints of the Cathedral's stained glass windows, click here.


To donate to this important cause, please contact one of the following people:

  • Louise Driscoll: louisedr2002@yahoo.com or 719-566-1607
  • Kathy Serena: 719-544-9214
  • Tom Carleo: 719-544-1809
  • Or, the Parish Office: 719-544-5175


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