Music is of the highest importance in the celebration of the divine mysteries, and in the Latin Church among musical instruments the organ has always held a place of honor. Whether as an accompaniment for singing or as a solo instrument, this instrument adds splendor to sacred celebrations, offers praise to God, fosters a sense of prayer in the faithful, and raises their spirits to God. (Taken from the Book of Blessings)

As part of the rental agreement with Church Organs of Colorado, for Bishop Tafoya's 25th Anniversary, the Cathedral was given the opportunity to temporarily borrow a three-manual Rodgers Trillium Masterpiece 968 Organ. Our parishioners and many people from throughout the Diocese have had a chance during that time of rental to assess the instrument's sound in our beautiful Cathedral.

We now have the opportunity to purchase this fine instrument because the organ company is making it available to us at a discount price-since it was used for the Aspen Music Festival and Bishop Tafoya's Anniversary Celebration. Our existing 1984 Conn electronic organ is no longer functioning reliably, and practically speaking, needs to be replaced. As an added benefit, the new organ can be interfaced with the existing Kilgen Pipe Organ so that both can be played separately or together. The Cathedral Organ Committee has considered the feasibility of purchasing the organ and the fundraising needed. Of the price of $98,000 needed, to date we have received $40,401.00 in gracious gifts from our generous parishioners to go toward the purchase of the organ. Our hope was that we could raise most of the monies through the parish and then look to the entire Diocese for help. We are now asking for your assistance, no matter the amount to acquire this fine instrument for the Mother Church of the Diocese.

Your gift will contribute to the legacy of our beautiful Cathedral for years to come. Your investment will further enhance the beautiful and solemn liturgies here at the Cathedral. The Cathedral's Concert Series will also benefit from the organ's versatility.

Gifts can be made as follows:

  • In Loving Memory of Someone;
  • In Commemoration of the Living;
    or as
  • "A Special Gift from the Heart" to the Cathedral.

The purpose of music in the liturgy is above all to give glory to God and to lead us to holiness. The music of this organ wonderfully expresses the new song that Scripture tells us to sing to the Lord.

May the Risen Lord, whose praises are sung by the saints, open our hearts in thanks to God for the favors showered upon us.

Very Rev. Leonard E. Racki, Interim Rector
Most Reverend Arthur N. Tafoya, Pastor

The Cathedral Organ Committee

Upcoming Fundraising Events for the Organ Project

"Italian Night" at Rosarios
Time and Date to be determined


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